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I just want to say thanks for taking a look through this site. These pages provide a bit of inside
information, ways to look a little deeper into ideas and concepts of my music. Perhaps this can be the
start of a dialogue that will be of mutual benefit. So then, here is an opening thought:

Music is obviously a passion for many, as it is for myself. Music seems to provide endless resources
for renewing and refiining the imagination. My path has been one of discovery. It has been a journey
taking unexpected directions, becoming more attractive and more suitable over time. That in itself
should be sufficient, yet there is another consideration. It seems that in that in music, I have come to
some type of gateway suggesting that before I can pass further along the path, I will need to
dismantle some of the distinctions I have made concerning ownership. It’s a a larger question, one
distinguishing the things humans make, and things that belong to nature. The question is this: If we
are intrinsically a part of nature, a part of all life on the planet and can’t acutually own Nature, then
how can we distinguish creativity or imagintion as belonging only to us? Is ownership simply a wee
little barrier of arrogance that keeps deeper secrets of nature from being seen?

So if there is a gate with us standing on one side, but we see that Nature with its water, air, wind,
elements and forces, vegetation and animals seems to surround us on all sides, then what have we
done to isolate ourselves so thoroughly from it? Who owns what?  Doe music exist in its own right?

It seems to me that we have stood on the shoulders of those who came before us. Haven’t we loved
and fought wars, hoping that nature could come to our aid when our survival was in peril? Even
considereing the powerful scope of natures creativity, I can see little difference between my music
and nature. What really galls me is that Nature operates with such considerable precision and
aptitude, acts as if it were unbounded, not struggling to make ends meet. Nature seems to express
and endless creativvity, delivering a passionate effulgence of networking and support, a co-
entanglement within alll life forms generated on the earth. I think there is something more to learn. I
hope that music continues to provide clues.
Projects fall into several categories. Sometimes experimental or in development, or music  coming
towards a conclusion and awaiting release. My music is quite changeable. There has been obsurity,
and not seeking wide spread attention,  While there are certain things I like to revisit, my music has
taken many different forms.

This music has reached the public often through performance via contemporary dance theatre
production. Interestingly, as performance runs are fairly short and audiences relatively small, a lot of
fascinating music has become unintentionally obscure. There is a archive of recordings now, and so I
am seeing ways to bring some of it out into the open once again. Luminous Music has become a way
to facilitate this, as well as to release new work, but there are other labels also with these interests,
particularily in vinyl production, and we are seeing full album sized graphics returning along with

While performance with others remains important for it’s ability to open up private music excursions,
the remaining music outlet I still hold dear is my work in dance communities, providing solo
percussion and drumming to rather captive audiences.

Here are some of the projects unfolding at this time
15-tracks of highly melodic atmospheres from five previous releases, compiled for Glasgows Winter
Garden Light Festival. These are pieces that foucus on melody yet also provide extensive use of
sounds in nature, reminders of  elemental connections that are part of human experience. The
melodies stretch out across spatial domains. The suprise and suggest rather than dictate.

Celestial materials return, places embedded in the psyche and in memory. Transdimensional energies
run here. Recovering what has been lost.  Journeys across rivers, islands, fields, lakes, mounds and
caverns leading towards places of greater spaciousness and unpredictabilty. The doors are always
open.  Six pieces are in development that include the titles: Genesis; Emergence of Light; Luminous
Interval In Between; Golden Mean ; Doors of Perception.

Beginning with the captivating text of poet Keith Jefferson, “Remember Moon and Men” reveals a
small history of human endeavours as we try to take matters into our own hands. A suprising mini
drama is found via“Rigoletto Rocket” with enticing instructions to frequently pursue the irrational at
all costs. Strong percussive works reshape time and space and are joined by other compelling works
from the Transdimensional Headquarters of Music at London Diorama Studios.

Music arising out of the Luminous Studios, deep in the heart of London’s alternative community at
Daguerres derelict Diorama headquarters. Within a core of  somewhat telepathic musicians and
dancers, many experimental works developed over 6 years resulting in two performances by eight
percussionists at the Commonwealth World Music Village in 1984. Everything was up for grabs, and
after that everything changed, resulting in the music: East Meets West, and soon after that the
seminal work: Celestial Nile. Hard to describe the impact without getting all swooney.
There are currently four videos, either made by Luminous, or by Brendan Keliehor at Bripbrop




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