Pushing Up The Sky explores community, communication and group identity, in a story-
telling, music and movement event of about two hours duration. Again we draw from a tale
told by the North American Snohomish Indians.  Village concepts translate into contemporary
experience. Everyone moves, everyone makes music.
Maker had made the sky far too low. People were always
bumping their heads against it. It was too difficult to walk
upright! Not only that, but the Maker had created far too
many languages, and no one could understand anyone else.

Communication was nearly impossible.  And so we began to
work together to solve the problems . . . learning songs,
music, movements and words that everyone could
understand. All together, we would need to push up the sky to
a better height.
15-60 participants, 2 - 4 hours.
Adults/children, Community, ASN
30-60 participants, 2 - 4 hours.
8 to 10 years of age
In Journey To Shadow World, participants cross over the threshold of visibility into a world
where shadows and invisibles live.  This shadow world is a different place indeed. Returning
home poses challenging problems when participants discover certain benefits to invisibility.

The shadow-self becomes our guide as participants dance, make music, sing songs and tell
stories to find their way home.  The whole tapestry of events are woven together with vibrant
music from the Luminous collection of world percussion instruments as musicians try to
connect all the pieces of the puzzle.
Animated with elements of African storytelling and
Shadow Puppet traditions of Indonesia, a journey
where participants make unique story shaping
decisions. All aspects are unpredictable, and
children have some interesting decisions to make
about maintaining and cultivating visibility.
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The River project is an exploration of World Music culture. This story/music workshop spins a
tale of musical and cultural discovery. It is a fantasy-journey in which children play unusual
world music percussion instruments, encountering a variety of ideas that link world music
cultures. We look at the way music is generated from animal and nature sounds typical of
equatorial rainforests in Indonesia, Africa, South America. We explore desert music rhythms
from Egypt/Morocco, and enchanted music for Mysterious Mountains and Magic Castles.

The River is ideal for pre-five and early primary pupils. Children both play and listen to music.
It can be presented as a one-off event or as a series of sessions. Sessions might last for a full
hour, maybe less, during which several episodes can be explored. This workshop has a flexible
structure. A special version can take place over 3 half-days in which participants become more
deeply involved as participants and musicians.
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One day, in a small village on the River, the residents decided
to hold a town meeting.  They wanted to know where their
river could take them.  No one remembered, and everyone
was curious!   What would they find?  

Within a short time they had built a good boat.  With
everyone comfortably seated, they started up the Rhythm
Engines and set off on their adventure to many remarkable
places . . . .
15 participants
1-2 hour session, or
several one hour sessions
Ideal capacity 15-30, negotiable.
Children ages 7 - 10
Community, families
2 hours
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Our holiday Island has been taken over by a powerful dragon who
now occupies the castle, and No Strangers are Allowed!  There is no
turning back. Can the dragon be appeased? Special music is learned.
Next stealthy dance and martial arts moves are practiced. But can
the visitors learn how to talk to the dragon?
Luminous Music Myth-Behaving Workshop
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A traveller reveals the adventures of Little Brother, a very
small star living in the constellation of the Seven Sisters,
who wishes to set out on a journey to discover his/her
own identity. But big surprises are in store for Little
Brother when the old trickster Coyote lures the little star
into his earthly lair. If he becomes trapped, he may not
be able to return
Forgets-To-Twinkle is a fully participatory, story workshop based on a mythological narrative
from the North American Kiowa Seneca Indians. Creating new mythologies of social
importance, participants take a hands-on experience devising all aspects of their adventures.
Children participate as dancers, actors and musicians. There are storytellers, stern movement
guides and sharp music directors. A special collection of percussion instruments are provided.

This workshop developed from Star Constellation Dances and other Sky Stories, a project
presented for Glasgow City Council Inspiration Festival 2001. The workshop is suitable for
mixed-age primary, as well as special needs groups. It can be presented over a full or a half
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The adventure begins as the children board the boat departing for their holiday to the Island
of Hills and Flowers.  Children arrive only to discover a terribly rude hand-written sign
directing them to leave the island immediately.  But alas, the boat has departed.  Now the
children will have to stay.  Will the dragon permit them to stay and play on the island?  Maybe
they can make music to appease the dragon. Or will we have to fight?

Enacted outdoors or in a large indoor space, this 1-2 hour workshop is suitable for children from 4 to 8
years of age.
Luminous in education
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