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Contemporary music performance from Scotland's
foremost gamelan music group. New compositions
by Jon Keliehor, J Simon van der Walt, Katherine
Waumsley, Anna Himsworth and Doug Haire.
Production direction by Jon Keliehor
Tsunami 2005
At times of massive upheaval we become witness to
forces beyond mankind's control. How can we speak
about this?    

Looking at questions about ritual and ritualised aspects of living, Adrift and Afloat  was created as a
performance to explore diverse and political ideas arising from the aftermath of the Indonesian tsunami
in 2004. This is the music of that performance.

Uncertainty has become ritual. There is tension in the air as we begin to apprehend the powers of
nature, forces beyond our control. Demons of the sea claim their victims. We run and run from the

In a multitude of scenes, days and nights seem to pass. In the moonlight, a woman traces the spiral of
life upon the ground. Music is intermittent and the environment is omnipresent. Layers of micro-sounds
are revealed: insects, frogs, birds, rain, and occasional far off thunder, all which come and go.
Unfamiliar sounds recede into the distance. Sometimes soft and at other times ominous, the music gains
photo courtesy of Andrew McDermid

cd design: Luminous


Remaining tracks

City/Crickets VA ............................doug haire

Gentle scintilation distant frogs         luminous  nature

Memory Hammers Sword Pt 2           anna himsworth

Evening Trills                                   luminous  nature

Distant scintilations w-peepers          luminous  nature

DH Collage + Crystal                        doug haire

Music titles and select samples.mp3

Abyss                                       jon keliehor

Selunding Suling                           jon keliehor

Adrift and Afloat                         j simon van der walt

Woman Man Nature                     luminous  nature

Domaine II                                    jon keliehor

Memory Hammers Sword Pt 1        katherine waumsley

Domaine I                                     jon keliehor

Luminous Music        Glasgow
Gamelan Naga Mas
LMCD 008