Luminous Music

The 'audio book' of The Androgyne Journal is read by James Broughton with music by Jon Keliehor. The poems, written in 1960, attracted the attention of Broken Moon Press during the time that James lived in Port Townsend, Washington State. In 1991 Broken Moon re-published the collection and by 1993 plans were put forth to make an audio book. Envisioned a unique collaboration Broken Moon sent Jame's own reading of the poems to composer Jon Keliehor, also living in Seattle.

Music work samples were wholeheartedly accepted, and Keliehor began work on the project the following week. Musical ideas arrived quickly. Keliehor mentions: “The music was undoubtedly born within the domain of the poetic ideas themselves, but at the same time I could sense the emergence of a distinct musical identity, separate from the poetry. I wanted to follow both directions simultaneously, and I did so, allowing the music to take forms true to it's own nature. I found a multitude of ways to maintain the tension, keep the music alive, yet avoid contradictions between the music and text.”

The tension between the music and the reading reveals a special dimension to the spoken text. It's as if Broughton's prescriptions for poetic integrity and abundance ("To thine own self be true") fully apply to the music as well, creating a unique collaboration. The music brings the nature of Broughton's experiences around him like a magic cape, protecting his ideas yet fully highlighting his revelations.

When the music was sent to the publishers, all went quiet. Broken Moon Press had gone bankrupt, and the project was shelved. James Broughton died in 1999. Until now it is safe to assume that the project still remains hidden away, in search of an established publisher.

Publishing: This is a limited edition, published with permission from James Broughton estate. Further info contact: luminousmusic@ntlworld.com
Spoken word prose  from the late James Broughton, avant-garde filmmaker, and Poet Laureate of San Francisco, with music from composer/percussionist Jon Keliehor.  An intimate reflection on the metaphysics of James Broughton’s own sexual understanding.


Music titles and select samples.mp3

Window by the Cliff (Hermes and Afrodite)

Spontaneous Magic


Crucifixion and Midwives

Mrs Rhino


Before Midnight

Ocean Dreams