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Celestial Nile
jon Keliehor
Luminous Music 2013 edition
LMCD 001
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The music on Celestial Nile was recorded over several
years between Seattle and Glasgow.
The seed ideas for
the music appeared in 1985 just as I started a period of
research looking at codes of conduct and initiation in
Egyptian history and mythology in Hermetic and Grecian
texts. Of particular fascination were writings ascribed to
Thrice-Greatest Hermes, Thoth,  known as Tehuti to

Celestial Nile is an electro-acoustic work
integrating a wide range of instruments that I have
used extensively in performance with dancers in
London, South America and Scotland, yet the real
groundwork for this music occurred in Seattle. It is
essentially dance music yet it is more, the expression
of an idea that  quickly became a narrative for
pursuing metaphysical enquiry.

If music can provide a portal to, or at least offer a
parallel to transdimensional experience, then this
describes what I experienced as I encountered and
followed the ideas in the music, ‘received’ messages
encouraging journeys into a vast pool of intuitive, self-
generating vision and knowledge.

The musicians performing with me on these sessions
include percussionist Signy Jakobsdottir, dancer-
percussionist Jacques Broquet, and vocalist Jana
Szabo. During this time we were able to explore the
unique sounds and tonal qualities of many remarkable
world percussion instruments. The music remained
unpublished until I moved to Scotland in 1996 when I  
finally decided to publish the collection to CD.
Additional music and re-mixes were created in 1998.
This now makes up the music on the CD.
Forgotten Faith

Sacred Language

Ibis Heart


Temple VII


Eve Serpent

Celestial Nile
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On that great star swept river, the Milky Way, the soul of the