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Jon Keliehor
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Orlando Kimber
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Eddy Sayer
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DreamHouse, a forerunner to the revolution in music now termed
In East Meets West, Jon Keliehor, Orlando Kimber, Eddy Sayer an
East Meets West
Luminous Music  . . . Glasgow
Special Edition 2011
Edition 2011
available as
single track download
and standard CD
King Rama
1000 Yellow Bicycles
Luminous Forces I
Cloud Music
Potala Temple
Peking Station
Ice Palace
Mongolian Desert
One Language
Heavenly Clouds
Kyoto Gardens
Luminous Forces II
East Meets West reveals whole
new territories in thematic
percussion music. It is a
uniquely visual music existing
outside of conventional ideas
and genre.
East Meets West was originally released
in 1984 on the  Bruton Music recording,
BRR 18. These library recordings
were conceived after the production of
DREAMHOUSE, a music performance by
percussionist / composer Jon Keliehor
for the World Music Village, at London’s
Commonwealth Institute in 1983.
Remaining Tracks:

Sting I and Sting II
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