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Luminous Music   (Glasgow)
          music at the heart of dance
Comments / Reviews
"CLASS is one of the greatest pieces of music
written for dance in the 20th Century, up there
with Glass, Nyman and any number of others!
actually very few others, but it is a

Paul Jackson, Head of Dance at Winchester

"He is great! In hand drumming, Keliehor must
only bow his head to himself & the maker cos
he is a master, make no mistake. I haven't
heard a sound like his in a long time. Other
accompanists that I've heard on Djembe etc,
are nothing in comparison because there is no
magic. As soon as I heard his music there was
magic & I knew this was someone gooooooood.
Please do more, it's raw, it's vibrant, it's sexy
and it's the basis of life."

Jhalib Millar, dance percussionist, London
“I had a look at the Luminous music site and
quite frankly was blown away.  I'm really
looking forward to indulging in your recordings.  
The track titles alone are invigoratingly original
at points, so can't wait to hear the tracks that
have the honour of having these names.”

Jamie Sturrock, composer/guitar, Brighton

“The composer Jon Keliehor has used all the
instruments of Brazilian Batucada music (Troy
Game), which include Brazilian specialities as -
agogo bells, surdos, cabasa and samba whistle.
To hear this amazing cacophony in the red
plush and gilt surroundings of the 19th century
Opera House is quite a surprise. Rhythms of
this sort become a moving field which unfold
many layers of sound, concentrated, hypnotic
and compelling. Brought to life by an all male
cast . . .the effect became a martial combat in
balletic form; fierce, powerful and violent.”

Andrew Quicke, Show, London
"Not only a wonderful musician, but one of the
rare ones that sees the links in life and art,
dance and music, and sees them profoundly.
His dance rhythms are nuggets of channeled
genius. Dancers are so lucky to have this

Ruth Mills. Independent dancer. Glasgow.

"On listening, many are puzzled about how to
categorize the music properly, but more
importantly this music presents a kaleidoscope
of aural landscapes and harmonic possibilities."

Edward Shepard, Music Producer, Seattle

“WOW!...I could barely get past the first track
(Las Mujeres) is SO amazing.....tight time,
lots of witty timbres, many surprises, no ego or
effort to intrude...WOW!  I CAN’T STOP listenng
to yr. music...what are you DOING to me..!”

Butch Nordall, jazz composer/pianist, Seattle

“Passione” is the essence of your music to me.  
Signature precision rhythms and tones told in a
way that is amazingly you.  It's so hard to
reach that point - fantastic.”

Doug Haire, Audio Recordist, Sonarchy Radio
KEXP-FM, Seattle

“Wow, an 80′s library record that doesn't sound
like it belongs in a corporate training video for
IBM! Unfortunately these types are few and far
between, but thankfully for fans of floating
synths and electronics, this one delivers. The
first side mainly consists of gamelan jams that
(for the most part) do a good job of not
sounding like they were just trying to cash in
on the typical "Far East" sound. The standout
track is "King Rama" — layers upon layers of
percussion, bells, drums, etc. These guys even
do a good Steve Reich impression on "One
Language", a track that reminds me a bit of
Reich's Music for Mallet Instruments.”

Waxidermy, U.S.