Returning to locations where dreams of origin still have potency, the music unfolds within deep forests, hidden rivers and remote ocean shores where vibrant energies arise. The Beginning of Time reopens a doorway to the hieroglyphic music concepts of the “Celestial Nile”.

Six new musicworks are immersed in textures and sounds located within deep nature reserves. The music is imbued with a sense of forgotten history. In these micro-energetic landscapes, new worlds appear and atoms begin to dance.

The Beginning of Time
Per-Neter II
Night of the Equinox
The Memory of Water
Temple of the Net
Gateway to the Celestial Ocean
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**Vinyl LP**
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The Beginning of Time
Celestial Nile to the Beginning of Time

Horizons merge, vistas coalesce and transform into one another.
In the distance everything is whirling, forming, disappearing.

Nature is talking to us and through us, attending to our
needs but asking us to listen.

“It is not just music .... for me it opens a door to a place
where I can imagine other people’s lives by listening to these
recordings. I like the fact that you have captured and created
so much, that you are the gate for this.”    Noel Bridgeman